Satisfied customers testimonials.

Marie France and Éric use a rigorous, professional approach. They always work with data on comparable properties; those are precious to get a fair valuation. Also, I was impressed with their follow-up process: they document each and every visit. This allows us to know how buyers feel about our property. The adjectives that describe them best: sincere, adviceful, professional.

Alain Rhéaume
3 transactions

As real estate agents, Éric and Marie France are serious and honest. For the purchase of our house in 99, Éric did not count his time. We felt like he was striving to meet our needs, rather than trying to make a sale at any cost. Before closing, he told us to take all the time we needed to think it over, but also pointed out when we had to think quickly. In fact, Éric provides informed advice… but the final decision is always ours. So when came time to sell, we called him back without hesitation. Éric is a true gentleman; he’s attentionate and respectful.

Nathalie Brazeau et François Ouellette
2 transactions

Marie France and Éric are good listeners; that is a true quality. We had a very specific request and we took a lot of time to decide. At no time did we feel any rush. I love the energy Marie France brings to their partnership. During the visits, she thinks of everything, checks everything. She even opens the faucets to check the water pressure! She is also an excellent negotiator. She truly defends our interests, while respecting our decisions. Since then, I have recommended them to my sister-in-law and to a friend.

Marie-Pier Demers
1 transaction et 2 références

I was looking to buy for my children. Éric worked hard to understand their expectations. After all, they were the ones who were going to live in these condos. He was always present, through the very end of the process. That is true support. We see Éric more as a partner than as a sales person. He has perfect knowledge of his profession, but he’s also very human, personable and cordial.

Robert Trempe
3 transactions

For the sale of the triplex which we had inherited, we were very nervous. Éric and Marie France took things in hand with rigor and transparency. They explained everything to us, but at the same time, remained open to our requests. They gave us room to maneuver and the freedom to decide. One year later, we again called upon them for the purchase of our house. Éric’s got the eye. He doesn’t just look at decoration, he leads us to check the right things (windows, insulation). He has the knowledge and that was important to me; I wasn’t looking for an interior decorator. Éric and Marie France also show great benevolence and flexibility. They put people at ease and cater as much to sellers as to agents. Plus, they’re always in a good mood. It never feels like we’re disturbing them. They are people we can trust.

Katia Fiuza
2 transactions